Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hold your Breath

Trey Rollins has been a friend to Love146 ever since we met him and the team at Brains on Fire (they volunteered their time and talent to help Love146 grow into our name. Please check them out). We just heard from Trey, apparently not only is he a creative genius, he's also a pretty cool musician. His new album will be released Dec. 15th and will include a song called "Hold your Breath" which was inspired by "146." 
Thanks to Trey and all of our friends who are honoring "146" and the children she represents. 

P.S. Love the T-shirts Trey.




Trey Rollins said...

You guys are awesome!

Thank you for all the hardwork you put into making our world a better place.

Victoria T. said...

very cool.

a bit off topic but definitely in line with human trafficking. On facebook there is a petition going around that I thought you guys would be interested in spreading the news about. http://apps.facebook.com/causes/petitions/27?m=3a9d7fd7&recruiter_id=240116