Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Love146 Campus Coalition--fall ideas

Even though it's my job, I sometimes find it difficult to come up with creative ideas to raise trafficking awareness that can be passed on to taskforces and campuses. It's always amazing to hear about new ideas popping up from individuals and groups, so I thought I would share the latest: remember those middle school lock in parties?
the T-shirt design

A campus coalition chapter in Oneonta, NY has just started planning a "Lock In for Love" at their church. They want to hold a marathon of some sort throughout the night to raise money for Love146, and they plan to involve speakers and sexual awareness centers in the area in theactivities. They're already designing t-shirts to advertise a night of fun and abolition. What an awesome way to engage in anti-trafficking initiatives just with time and passion. That's all it takes. It inspires me to keep looking for ways to raise awareness and raise funds. Keep us updated on your ideas, too!

Allison Rodriguez, allison@love146.org
Research Advocacy Intern
New England Regional Campus Director

Monday, September 22, 2008

Love146 Contest!

Love146 is holding a contest (of sorts). As an organization we believe in the power of art (hopefully you have noticed). Although we have some crafty genius artist types in our office, we wanted to invite you to use your voice (your pen, design skills…) after all, abolishing child sex slavery is not on the shoulders of one, it must be that collective shout that will hopefully put Love146 out of a job. 
We need a few shirt designs.
There are really no limits but we are looking for art
Send me (Desirea: d.rodgers@love146.org) an original design by Sept. 30th.

Design requirements: 2000 by 2000 pixels/ 10 by 10 inches/ 200 dpi/ on white background.  
NOTE: white = transparent, nothing white will be able to be printed.
Please include your name and a sentence releasing Love146 to use your original design. 
On October 10th we will announce the three winners, and your shirt will be immediately available onSkreened.com
Spread the Word.
Let the shouting begin.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CT Event!

Ok, this has to be one of the best shows of the year and it’s right in your neighborhood! I could possibly be a bit biased because Lamont Hiebert (Ten Shekel Shirt) is a dear friend and co-founder of Love146 and Jonny Rodgers happens to be the best and hottest musician in the world (and also my husband), but I don't think so. 

Seriously, if you haven’t heard the new 10SS album “Jubilee” you must.

Join us if you can, we would love to see you there.



Tonight! Wednesday, September 17th 2008

All proceeds going to Love146

STUDENT CENTER BALLROOM (parking in lot 7, 8, and 9)

501 Crescent St. New Haven, Connecticut  06515 

Donation accepted for students with ID. General admission tickets are $12 via iTickets

The Abolition of Child Sex Slavery & Exploitation - Nothing Less.

Visit www.love146.orgPhone: 203 772 4420
PO BOX 8266, NEW HAVEN, CT 06530
For more info email: andrew@love146.org

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Secret.

“In these pages I tell secrets about…myself because I believe that it is not only more honest but vastly more interesting than to pretend that I have no such secrets to tell. I not only have my secrets, I am my secrets. And you are your secrets.” ~Frederick Beuchner

My secret is, today I'm having a hard time believing that abolition is possible. I don't know why today, we haven't received a troubling story, the children in our safehomes seem to be doing really well. Maybe it's because there was another shooting in my city last night, another 20 year old with a name soon forgotten, and yet everyone just goes about our day as usual (we have to don't we). Or, maybe it is because there seems to be so much antagonism between right and left, conservative and liberal, human and human. If we can't get along when we disagree over politics how can we end slavery? 

So, what do I do on these sort of days? 

I laugh:

I look at someone else's art:

I remind myself that in simplicity is beauty and hope:

I think it is true, we are our secrets, but that isn't all we are. Vulnerability can 

create community. When one says, "this is my secret" that secret is out like a flash 

and if handled with care can reach a point of no longer holding power. One 

of the carriers will bend over and whisper "But it is possible. Look at all of these 

people with flaming hearts and hands ready to defend, to protect to celebrate." And,

perhaps another will say "Look at the mothers and fathers of abolition who came before

us." And with each word, the secret dissipates and hope remains.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Through a (round) window.

Construction has begun on our Rounded Safehome in the Philippines. This home will mean so much to so many children. It will change lives and bring us one more step toward abolition. To all of you who partner with us; thank you. 


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Beauty

Liz - an amazing abolitionist sent me these pics with an email saying she distributed this invitation to her dorm!
You better watch out for Liz, she is going to change the world.
If you are interested in starting a Love146 campus chapter, please contact Kathy (kathy@love146.org)

Abolition is coming,


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Bureau

Love146 is committed to ethical practice in all that we do. This is particularly clear when talking about your donations.

We hope this will be even more evident by obtaining the Better Business Bureau’s seal of approval.

“The appearance of the seal in a charity’s mailings, on its website, in newspaper and magazine advertisements or elsewhere is a clear and concise sign that the charity meets the Alliance’sStandards for Charity Accountability.

Donors may not know, though, that for charities, putting the seal in their materials is the culmination of a demanding process. Before national charities can even apply to use the seal, they must undergo evaluation by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, the nation’s most experienced charity evaluator.  And the evaluation process is anything but superficial.  It involves rigorous scrutiny of a charity’s governance, effectiveness, finances and solicitations and informational materials.  The standards go beyond what government regulators require.”

Love146 is not only committed to the children we serve, but to the donors who are making abolition and restoration possible.


(Isn't she a beauty)




Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Music 'WE' Like" Clarification

   After the recent addition of ABBAS' classic "take a chance on me" to the Music We Like at the Moment section of this blog, I felt that I (Ben) must make a little clarification.  My clarification is that the phrase "music WE like at the moment" may be slightly deceiving.  I do understand  the delightfully cheeky reason in which WE put "take a chance on me" up in this section (because we want you to take a chance on us as Love146, and we were just given some lotto winnings).  But we do want you to take a chance on us... we really do,  we even talk about it in meetings (which is how the song was put up on the blog in the first place, although I thought we were all just joking).  My clarification is simply this... there may be only a handful of reasons in which I would be liking ABBAS' "take a chance on me" at the moment.  So I thought that I would list those possible moments just to clear up any confusion out there.

1.  If I blacked out and woke up with a headache and was tied up in a movie theatre, next to my smiling wife, smelling like paint thinner, and the movie Mamma Mia was playing on the screen.  After 15 minutes of screaming and struggling to get free, I finally catch my first glimpse of Pierce Brosnan in a musical and I can't help but enjoy myself for the remainder of the movie. 

2.  If Marty McFly showed up in Doc's Delorean , we laced up our awesome high top kicks,  and shot back to 1977 to catch a duel ticket of the BeeGees and ABBA.  And then after the show Marty and I hoverboarded all over town.  I am pretty sure that I would enjoy that night.

3.  If I was in a singing, dancing, West Side Story type of gang and we were trying to recruit a new member.  

4.  If  for some reason I found myself in short gold shorts at a roller skating rink.  I think ABBA would really be the only appropriate music at that moment.  

5. If I was ever in a mustache and feathered hair type of mood. 

6.  If I was at Ikea. 

7.  As a videographer...I enjoy every single moment of this video...

8.  And I guess I will concede that I have enjoyed myself every time someone goes to the blog in our office and ABBA pops on, followed by someone else either giggling or groaning.  It's the little things in our line of work.  

In conclusion... at least it's not "dancing queen"

p.s. I welcome any other moments where you might be liking "take a chance on me"

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something beautiful.

In the U.S. alone $72 billion is spent each year on weddings. Imagine what you could do...
I received this email last week and was so encouraged. It's amazing to see the abolition movement growing. Thank you to Kim and her daughter, we are so grateful for your thoughtfulness. Everyone at Love146 wishes the bride and groom all happiness. 


"We asked the guests at my daughter's bridal shower to bring a donation for Love146 instead of spending the money on a greeting card. So we had lunch, then my daughter spoke to the ladies about human trafficking. We then showed the video and collected over $200 for Love146. She will also be doing this at her wedding reception. We will include info. on our intentions to collect for you on our invitations.. If there is a poster that we can display at our 'giving table' at her wedding reception, please let us know. We purchased the dvd and info packet with 100 postcards, and will show that at the reception as well. We pray, and wish we could do more." Kim

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Safehome Site.

Our Director of Aftercare, Dr. Gundelina Velazco and the caregivers at our Pink Home, took the girls on one last visit before construction of our Rounded Home began at this site.

The girls had a picnic where, in just a few months their new dining room will be.

They ran and played where a new playground will be built.

They climbed trees.

They sang.

These girls (photos were altered to protect identity) are so excited about their new home. This is why we work so hard. Creating spaces where children feel safe enough just to be children is part of a holistic philosophy of aftercare, but when I look at these children all I see are happy kids who have learned to dream again. Thank you for partnering with us. You are truly helping to restore lives.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Getting Involved

Here is a great and creative way to get involved in the fight against human slavery...