Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Love146 Campus Coalition--fall ideas

Even though it's my job, I sometimes find it difficult to come up with creative ideas to raise trafficking awareness that can be passed on to taskforces and campuses. It's always amazing to hear about new ideas popping up from individuals and groups, so I thought I would share the latest: remember those middle school lock in parties?
the T-shirt design

A campus coalition chapter in Oneonta, NY has just started planning a "Lock In for Love" at their church. They want to hold a marathon of some sort throughout the night to raise money for Love146, and they plan to involve speakers and sexual awareness centers in the area in theactivities. They're already designing t-shirts to advertise a night of fun and abolition. What an awesome way to engage in anti-trafficking initiatives just with time and passion. That's all it takes. It inspires me to keep looking for ways to raise awareness and raise funds. Keep us updated on your ideas, too!

Allison Rodriguez, allison@love146.org
Research Advocacy Intern
New England Regional Campus Director

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