Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Music 'WE' Like" Clarification

   After the recent addition of ABBAS' classic "take a chance on me" to the Music We Like at the Moment section of this blog, I felt that I (Ben) must make a little clarification.  My clarification is that the phrase "music WE like at the moment" may be slightly deceiving.  I do understand  the delightfully cheeky reason in which WE put "take a chance on me" up in this section (because we want you to take a chance on us as Love146, and we were just given some lotto winnings).  But we do want you to take a chance on us... we really do,  we even talk about it in meetings (which is how the song was put up on the blog in the first place, although I thought we were all just joking).  My clarification is simply this... there may be only a handful of reasons in which I would be liking ABBAS' "take a chance on me" at the moment.  So I thought that I would list those possible moments just to clear up any confusion out there.

1.  If I blacked out and woke up with a headache and was tied up in a movie theatre, next to my smiling wife, smelling like paint thinner, and the movie Mamma Mia was playing on the screen.  After 15 minutes of screaming and struggling to get free, I finally catch my first glimpse of Pierce Brosnan in a musical and I can't help but enjoy myself for the remainder of the movie. 

2.  If Marty McFly showed up in Doc's Delorean , we laced up our awesome high top kicks,  and shot back to 1977 to catch a duel ticket of the BeeGees and ABBA.  And then after the show Marty and I hoverboarded all over town.  I am pretty sure that I would enjoy that night.

3.  If I was in a singing, dancing, West Side Story type of gang and we were trying to recruit a new member.  

4.  If  for some reason I found myself in short gold shorts at a roller skating rink.  I think ABBA would really be the only appropriate music at that moment.  

5. If I was ever in a mustache and feathered hair type of mood. 

6.  If I was at Ikea. 

7.  As a videographer...I enjoy every single moment of this video...

8.  And I guess I will concede that I have enjoyed myself every time someone goes to the blog in our office and ABBA pops on, followed by someone else either giggling or groaning.  It's the little things in our line of work.  

In conclusion... at least it's not "dancing queen"

p.s. I welcome any other moments where you might be liking "take a chance on me"

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Victoria T. said...

hahaha. this was a refeshing post to get my mind out of the happenings of the world in which love146.org fights for, so it was nice for a little break to explain that. I just recently watched the abba movie out of the gist of it. Now you make me feel like pulling my entire abba vinyl collection out for a listen. my favourite album has always been voulez vouz.