Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Bureau

Love146 is committed to ethical practice in all that we do. This is particularly clear when talking about your donations.

We hope this will be even more evident by obtaining the Better Business Bureau’s seal of approval.

“The appearance of the seal in a charity’s mailings, on its website, in newspaper and magazine advertisements or elsewhere is a clear and concise sign that the charity meets the Alliance’sStandards for Charity Accountability.

Donors may not know, though, that for charities, putting the seal in their materials is the culmination of a demanding process. Before national charities can even apply to use the seal, they must undergo evaluation by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, the nation’s most experienced charity evaluator.  And the evaluation process is anything but superficial.  It involves rigorous scrutiny of a charity’s governance, effectiveness, finances and solicitations and informational materials.  The standards go beyond what government regulators require.”

Love146 is not only committed to the children we serve, but to the donors who are making abolition and restoration possible.


(Isn't she a beauty)




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Victoria T. said...

oh that's wonderful. congratulations