Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Police arrest gang accused of human trafficking

Dubai- Police recently arrested a gang accused of human trafficking. The department for combating organized crime was able to detain the suspects who were accused of holding women and forcing them into committing indecent acts. Information was passed to the Dubai Police's Criminal Investigation Department (CID) about a gang who was said to be holding a number of women and forcing them into prostitution. The information was followed up by a police team from the department for verification, evidence was collected and a plan for capturing the gang members set up. After intensive investigations, the team arrested the gang leader (Sh. S), who tried to elude the police by telling them that he was a customer. The police also arrested (K.K), who also tried to misguide the police by saying he worked in the kitchen in the flat the police raided.

For the full story please see www.gulfnews.com Link

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