Friday, July 31, 2009

Race for Abolition!

Love146 has found ourselves in an unexpected and exciting relationship with two professional luxury racing teams, Guardian Angel Motorsports and Team Polizei 144.

Guardian Angel Motorsports is well known for its enduring success in uniting the motorsports community behind children's charities.

Team Polizei 144 is infamous for its rally history , 2006 Cannonball Record and recent debut in pro motorsports

These two have joined forces, contributing financial support, mobile technologies and media reach to broaden Love146's donor base.

The teams are asking their friends and fans to get behind Love146 and join the movement of abolition. Their fist big race is coming up August 7th at the Rolex Grand-Am race at Watkins Glen, NY.

In the words of Guardian Angel Motorsports:

"There are some stories that touch all of our lives. These are stories of children who suffer, who will never know the kind of childhood we wish for all children, everywhere.
These are the families that could really use a guardian angel.
You can become that guardian angel."

We at Love146 never cease to be amazed and excited at the breadth of groups and individuals that come to the table of abolition. From luxury race cars, students, bands, celebrities, families, communities of faith, artists, and more. This is what keeps us going. A shout of abolition across social, political, and religious boundaries. Thank you to everyone at the table, and to our new friends in the racing community!


Mama4Real said...

Wow! That is fantastic! I was thinking this post might be a marathon or something, and I was thinking I might have to get off my butt and go running!

An Ethereal Forest of Stars said...

Haha I thought the same thing. That sounds like a great idea too though...a Relay for Abolition. Maybe I can organize one at my college or something?