Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Practice What You Preach

As many of you know, we have launched the Car Wash Across America this summer. We wanted to create an easy way to raise some money, but also create opportunities to tell the story of 146 across America.

In our office, we can get caught up in the day to day necessities of running a non-profit. We seem to be always running to keep up with what is going on. But the one thing that we always try to remember to do, is to stop and tell the story. It reminds us... it grounds us.

This past weekend we did our own car wash/bake sale (put together by our more than wonderful interns). We had a lot of fun. We raised about $350 and had more leftover baked goods than are healthy to consume. But we got to tell her story... in our own town. And it was really nice to remember what we are about... and to practice what we preach.

Thanks to everyone who helped out, to everyone who is doing their own car wash, and to everyone telling her story.

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