Friday, October 9, 2009

QUESTION: What does High School Football and Slavery have in common?

There are many things that I love about fall. Pumpkin Spice Lattes…the leaves changing…wearing boots and mittens. However, I’ll let you in on a little secret about me. The thing I love most about fall is football. I am an avid football fan. My dad played ball for the University of Colorado Buffaloes. I’ve been going to football games since I can remember. CU Buff games, Denver Bronco games, high school games. I’ll watch any game that is on TV on a Saturday after noon…I love it all!

This fall I have seen football in a different light. A friend heard this stat a few weeks ago: Did you know that this season 1.2 million high schoolers will play football??? If you have been around the issue of child sex trafficking that number will be familiar. It is the exact same number of children that UNICEF estimates will be sold in to slavery this year, 1.2 million. What a stark contrast!

Hearing this stat, being an avid football fan AND a passionate person who wants to see slavery end, I automatically started thinking. I thought about this freedom that so many youth have in the US to play football. I also thought about the lack of freedom all over the world children have to dream, play, or thrive. I thought about how many days, months, and football seasons go by while so many children are still in captivity.

A few fabulous staff and I started talking about what could happen if these two realities came colliding together. What could happen if the freedom high school students in this nation have to play football was met head on with the reality of children in slavery today? What could happen if all the passion used to cheer for our teams, protect our quarterbacks and score touchdowns simultaneously raised funds & awareness for the issue of modern day slavery, and advocated for freedom for ALL children? What if football season was known to be a time for tailgate parties, first downs, yearly rivalries AND a time to TACKLE SLAVERY! Something amazing could happen… this world could change! That’s why Love146 is encouraging students, players, cheerleaders, teachers, parents and fans to TACKLE SLAVERY. I know I’m going to this season…Here are a few of our ideas. Of course you should go to love146.org for a full list and some great downloads!

A SWEET HIGHLIGHT: I was really excited when I heard one of my good friend’s little brother decided to TACKLE SLAVERY with us and wanted to share. This season every touchdown Gabe Hoins, a freshman high school student from Papillion, NE, scores friends and family are each giving a certain dollar amount to end child sex slavery and exploitation. Being a rock-star running back he already has 10 on the season. Maybe you should consider joining them and sponsor Gabe! Go here to see how! Keep up the good running this season, Gabe! Think you can get a few more! :) Thanks for not only playing for the Monarch’s this season but for Love146! Peace & Abolition!!!


Zach said...

Thanks for giving us a chance to be a part of this Kellen!

kellen.kurtz said...

Thanks for choosing to be a part of it! Thanks for being "in this together."

You could have easily said, awesome let's try next season...but you and your whole family, didn't! THAT is awesome!