Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A suggestion just came in...

Emily heard about Love146 through a Paramore concert. She not only checked out our website, she looked through our "146 ways to start getting involved" and she just emailed this suggestion to us; I thought it was a good one.

"And as a suggestion for '146 Ways', people can make signs in the shape
of red dresses that say 'Love146.org' on them and tape them to people's
lockers, office/dorm doors, and anywhere else possible."

Keep the ideas coming.
Ideas + Action = Abolition.


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Victoria T. said...

that is a good idea. I think it's good to put the website on them so people can look to see what it's all about in case they see a little 146 red dress and go, "what is this???" and then just tear it off because it has nothing to guide them to a source.

I think it's a great idea if your site were to make flyers that could be posted around in stores and churches. I've been discussing things with my church about love146.org since February and have been having tug of wars of speaking to the congregation or having a sunday school class to lead on human trafficking, and I had emailed you a few times back and forth at the time about it.

They for now have suggested flyers or brochures or tracts about your organization to place out. Perhaps ideas of making such things would be more suggestions that we could each try to do on our own as well though.