Monday, October 20, 2008

Email from Kelly.

I got this email over the weekend. It was totally encouraging and really showed the heart of a mother.

We (Kelly's family) are having a garage sale and I have pledged 5% of our sales to love146.
We are selling off things to help with medical expenses for our Special Needs 15 month old BUT your organization it very close to my heart.
I am still wanting to help and I am going to open a couple of online stores and plan on 5% of those sales to come your way also. I also TELL everyone about you and took the mailer and donation envelope to our family doctors office a week ago. YOU, your organization and MOST importantly the children are NOT forgotten
Love from crazy artist in Kansas, (also a mother of 3 year old daughter and 15 month old son)

Thank you to Kelly and all of the mothers that give to children everyday. You are constantly changing the world with your love.



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Hi this is the Crazy artist from Kansas, I am sending a check for $40 but the great news is I was able to tell lots of people about love146 and their work!