Monday, November 10, 2008

New Haven Register Article

The response to Craigslist's new safety measures has been great. Last week we received calls from press all over the country that followed our Craigslist Campaign and wanted to hear our response to these new measures. One of these papers was our local New Haven Register. An amazing Love146 intern who has faithfully and tirelessly volunteered was able to discuss the future of Craigslist and human trafficking, read the article HERE. 
Again, thank you to Soma and all of you that have brought abolition one step closer.



cathryn said...

I just wanted to say that your website has completely touched my heart. I saw it advertised on Paramore's website and checked it out. and since then I have been wanting to learn more as to how I can become involved and have been telling everyone that i know about it...it has touched my heart so greatly that i am now going to get a tattoo on my foot with the words love146 written to look like a red dress....thank you so very much

Desirea Rodgers said...

Hi Cathryn,

Thank you so much for your comment! Paramore has been wonderful with their support, we love those guys. Thank you for joining the abolition movement and making a difference. You have to send us a photo of your tattoo so we can post it on our blog! Your the second person we know of who has gotten a Love146 tattoo. I think of how honoring it is for 146 herself and the children she represents.

All the best,