Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Regarding Thanks – and Giving

I recently celebrated my 5-year anniversary as an employee of Love146, working in the capacity of finances & bookkeeping. I have had the joy, privilege and responsibility of processing each donation that crosses our path. It is so amazing for me each week to read the letters that accompany these gifts towards abolition. To read of the events that took place to raise both awareness/funds. The companies that have chosen to offer matching gifts programs to their employees. Grandparents whose grandkids asked that they donate to us in lieu of birthday gifts. The man in upstate NY who sends a $7.00 check every few months when he can afford to. Those who give monthly. Churches who take up special offerings during their services and give them to Love146. The couple who has sent monthly gifts since the organization started up. Campus groups and task forces who have raised both funds and awareness through creative events. All of these gifts inspire us, and it is because of them that we are able to impact the lives of children – those most vulnerable to exploitation and those who’s childhood’s have been robbed by the dark injustices of sex slavery.

This year, there has been one donation in particular that has stayed with me in my heart and thoughts. A family sent in a check for $3.00 – they heard of our work through watching “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” and hearing Stephen Baldwin share about the work of Love146 on the show. This particular family was in severe economic distress, with both parents being out of work. They wrote to us that once a week, they would search the house for change so they could go get a special treat. That week, the kids asked if instead of spending the money on treats, they could send the money to Love146 to help children.

These recent months have been the first in which Love146 as an organization has started to feel the impact of the economic downturn. So we are in a weird place of unbelievable thanks for all who partner with us – yet also compelled to ask for continued giving. As we head into Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I am thankful for all our donors. For kids that will search through couch cushions for change & then choose to donate it rather than use it for candy. All so that other kids – whether they are in North Carolina, Cambodia or the Philippines – can experience love that empowers, restores, protects and defends.

Jennifer Franz
Love146 Accounting Administrator


Llanos Family Adventure said...

Jen, I read your blog post to Abby (12 years) and Libby (11 years). Thank you for all that you said. It inspired a good conversation and your point of view helped them to look for a role they could play in helping love146. It especially got their attention when I explained that most of the kids are their age and younger.

Spostareduro said...

I can't tell you how touched I am by this. I'm getting visuals of couch cushion surfing, poverty, love and unselfishness. It's great to hear an organization acknowledge them too. For what it really is. It's important for all of us, no matter what tax bracket we fall under, to know we can make a difference, save lives and quality of life.

Thank you Jennifer.