Thursday, April 9, 2009

April, Ahhh.......

Living in the North East, all I can say is – thank God it’s spring!

By the time April rolls around winter seems to have lasted about 1,000 years and then finally after your ready to believe that the witch has taken over Narnia you see a blossom (usually a crocus, something small but delicious) and warmth floods your heart. You remember that life begins again and celebration and gratefulness begin its blossom into fullness. 

This month celebration greets us through Easter and Passover. If you would like to send an e-card while donating to the work of Love146 please view our selection.  You can add a personal message and choose the date it will be sent. 
Happy Spring.

With joy,

Desirea Rodgers

Co-founder/Creative Director, Love146

P.S. Leave a comment and let me know your favourite design! 

To send an E-card to a loved one, go here.


chloeadele said...

wow those are awesome! so hard to choose a favorite!

Sally Rymer said...

The blue one is my favorite. I sent it to a friend.

I love these e-cards. Please keep making them for holidays! Graduation is coming up for a lot of students. Maybe you could make some for that... You should also think about making some birthday ones and having them available year round.

Desirea Rodgers said...

Thanks Sally, graduation e-cards are a great idea! We will work on them!