Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I’ve sat for two days (in between emails, deadlines, editing, low hums of needs to be met) with no words.

7 girls will be coming home on April 28th more will be added soon. The first Love146 safehome we have built from the ground up.

I am a co-founder, I remember the beginning of our story but our story has grown to more people, to part of a raging movement, to thousands of children. And now 7 girls are coming home to something we (us + you = we) have built. I have no words. I have cried and laughed. But no words.

It’s time to celebrate! To jump, to dance, to scream like you’re at a rock concert.


I found words from someone else’s mouth.

[Excerpt taken from Direct Orders by Anis Mojgani]


Rock out like you were just given the last rock n’ roll record on earth and the minutes are counting down to flames

Rock out like the streets are empty except for you, your bicycle and your headphones

Rock out like you just escaped an evil orphanage to join a Russian circus

Rock out like your hero was fallen and you were spinning your limbs until they burst into a flaming pyre of remembrance

Rock out like you are enslaved in the south and dancing, it’s all that you have to know who you are

Rock out like it’s raining outside and you’ve got a girl to run through it with

Rock out like you’re playing football in the mud and your washing machine is not broken

Rock out like you threw your window open on your honeymoon because you wanted the whole world to know what love is

Rock out like Jimmy has returned carrying brand new guitar stings

Rock out like the mangos are in season

Rock out like this was the last weekend, like these were the last words like you don’t ever want to forget how!

We’re inviting you to Rock out with us. April 28th, throw a party, join the celebration. We will have a video for you to download. Don’t ask for money don’t ask for anything, just Rock. We’re shutting down the office that afternoon, but we will post videos from the field on our blog (ok, we can’t promise that, given the technical challenges we have had in the past but we can promise to try).

Abolition is happening.


With joy (and a rock and roll soul),


Co-founder/Creative Director, Love146


Sally Rymer said...

Amazing. Derrick and I are dreaming up party plans now for KC folks. I'm thinking a fair trade chocolate fountain needs to play a role...

This is so exciting. It is amazing to see and be able to celebrate restoration and abolition.

The Direct Orders are awesome, by the way.

Desirea said...

A fair trade chocolate fountain! If only KC were closer...

Sally Rymer said...

Plans are made. Invites have been sent. Chocolate has been purchased. We'll send pictures :-)