Monday, November 30, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, something different happened. I spoke at a youth event called Generation Conference, where over 1000 young people gathered. The organizers gave each of the young people attending, a Love146 tag to wear as a reminder of a young girl who we know only by number, and the thousands she represents. To see her number worn by so many people was quite moving.

In the midst of a lot of commotion at the Love146 table after I spoke, a girl wearing the number 146 pinned to her shirt walked up to me with tears running down her face. She just simply stared at me, unable to speak. She reverently reached for the number which was pinned over her heart, and placed her hand over it. She wrapped her fingers around the number, clutching it with desperation as if she was trying to reach through time to that young girl in the brothel who wore the same number years ago. She closed her eyes and wept. Was she picturing herself reaching out to hold that young girl who still had a fight left in her eyes? Was she picturing herself pulling “146” out of that glass prison called a brothel?

I was speechless. After what seemed like an eternity, the only words I eventually came up with were; “Thank you.” We both knew. We both understood that this is not the way it was supposed to be for children. And I think we both walked away more determined than ever to change that.

To those of you who care deeply…Thank you.


Rob Morris

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jennyb said...

It is in those moments, those incredibly moving moments, that change occurs. A movement has been sparked in that girl...and a life will be changed because hers was.

Celine said...

Wow, I seriously almost started crying just reading this. It is deeply moving, and I feel her pain. I often weep when thinking about these children and people. I am often depressed, as this is always a burden on my heart. But it is a burden I am glad to carry, as it always reminds me, every single day, to keep these children in mind and pray for them and to keep my eyes on the goal of helping out. I am determined to do something (actively) to help put an end to this atrocity, and help the rescued.

Sam said...

Thank you for everything you do.

eachic said...

Rob, I relate so much to the girl you write of, because it is how I reacted to the videos on your website the first time I saw them. As a woman who has lived and survived many traumas, the only question in this that remains for me is "why has it taken (and continues to take)so long for us to do something?" I appreciate being given the opportunity to help abolish this crime of injustice, as I feel it a priveledge, and not a burden, but as a human being I can not help but feel guilty at times for the way so many ignore this issue without even the slightest bit of regard, as if the pain of making it a "reality" in their minds is just way too much to handle. How can we make these people understand it is real, it is happening, and we have to stop it??? How to we give people the courage they need to face this guilt and pain they run from, Rob?

So no, Rob. Although I do take your thank you as graciously as I can, I will always be so much more grateful to you for the opportunity to at the very least,simply help others become aware. There was a time when these things were unspeakable. Because of people like you, something can now be done, and although it will NEVER be fast enough, something IS being done!! Praise God, and bless you all at love146.

We just have to keep on doing what we're doing.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

like this young girl, those of us who Know can no longer go on living as if we do not know.

thank you for pressing on.

~georgeanne z.

Tessa Janae said...


let's go at this together!!!!!!!!

Celine O'Neal said...

Yes, just what eachic and anonymous said. It's always on our minds, and something we want to do something about. Ever since I heard of this issue existing, which was several years ago, it's been on my heart to do something about it, as much and as far as I can. I am glad that we can't forget and can't turn back on this. I hope and pray that more people realize how real this issue is, and how global it is, not just in other countries parts of the world.

I am so glad for what you guys are doing, and will always support you guys. Let's open as many eyes as we can!!!

Very powerful blog post...thanks so much for sharing.

Allie wag said...

that's so beautiful..