Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feeling the Love

Our good friends at Brains on Fire sent us some Love this week. Watching the staff go after the packets of individual coffee (Brains on Fire has excellent taste in coffee) was like watching one of those nature shows where the pack swarms a poor defenseless deer.

Their generosity got me thinking about what a Love146 package could look like. A deep fried spider from Cambodia,

A fertilized duck embryo from the Philippines, and

a Thai iced tea to wash it all down.

Thanks to everyone over at Brain's on Fire, you are loved and appreciated. Your package is on its way...



chloeadele said...

haha! my jaw just dropped thinking about eating spiders and almost ducks. :)

i can dig on some thai tea though... mmmmmm.


Spike Jones said...

I'm up for some spiders and and tea, but I don't know how well Mud well get along with the duck. And I'm afraid it would peck me. Ow.

But here the love for the love for the love for LOVE146. We remain big fans of yours and the work you're doing.

Brandy said...

We truly love you guys and hope next year everyone can come down for the Fire Sessions. Ben and Kellen are awesome and quite possibly the cutest people EVER!

Much love for all you do everyday for so many!

Brandy, Brains on Fire

Eric said...

Seeing Love146 through Ben and Kellen was seriously electrifying - keep rocking out.

Brains on Fire loves you!

Love146 said...

It's true, Ben and Kellen are two of the cutest people ever.
See you next year!