Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm a celebrity (you know the rest...)!

This week on “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” Stephen Baldwin talked about why his charity choice is Love146. He asked the question “how far would you go if this was your child?”

For me, this question was answered by the fact that I’m actually watching a reality show about celebrities camping in the jungle.

All joking aside, the longer Stephen stays the more awareness and funds will come. Within the first hour that Stephen mentioned us on NBC we received 5,000 hits on our website. We have also seen donations come in over the past two days from people saying they heard about us through Stephen.

This reality show is definitely not something I would normally tune in to but we are grateful to Stephen and each of you spreading the word for joining the collective shout.

I think of the girl that returned to our safehome this week. She has no idea that her life is being affected by people in the US watching a TV show. I think of all the children who will never know sex slavery because our prevention programs are being funded by people hearing about Love146 through Stephen Baldwin. You know, there are weird things that happen in the world everyday and there are some deeply beautiful things as well, and then there’s a reality TV show that’s bringing them both together.

Thanks friends,



chloeadele said...


God works in mysterious ways.

mountain times said...

do you guys and gals at love146 get the chance to share the redeeming love of Christ with the kids who have been rescued?

Love146 said...

Thanks for your question. Love146 is a registered public charity that encourages and believes in partnerships across cultural, religious and non-religious boundaries towards the pursuit of justice. Love146 also affirms that a healthy spiritual life and faith contribute to resilience in the recovery of children victimized by sexual slavery and exploitation.

Kristi said...

I have to say, I as a student heard about this site from watching that show. I was scrolling past channels and I came across it and I watched it for a sec, just catching the charities talk, and I got the name of this website and looked it up, and now im truely inspired. I am SO greatful there are good people on this earth all going for a good goal to help humanity. I have always had a big interest in all sorts of charities, but this one captured my attention. I just want to say you all are a huge part of what makes me think this world is still pure at heart. Thank you and congrats on all the donations.

Love146 said...

Kristi, thanks for leaving a comment and your encouraging words. We appreciate them.