Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She knew she could always come Home again.

You may remember this story from our safehome in the Philippines

Her mother left the family when she was 5. Her father was murdered shortly after. Relatives and neighbors took her in and sexually used her. She ran away to the streets, only to be abused further. At 13 she was caught and put in a detention center for youth where she lived through further trauma.

She came to the safehome after 4 years of the detention center. She thrived. She said the safehome was her first real Home, it was the first place where she experienced real Love. Being cared for, she realized that she wanted to care for others. She was eventually reintegrated with her brothers and grandmother. Love146 assisted this family in different ways and kept in contact with this girl.

Recently, her grandmother died. At this point her uncles became abusive and exploitive. She ran away again but this time she was running toward Home. She knew she could call, she knew she would be welcomed with open arms full of Love.

She called from Manila, the staff immediately went and brought her Home again.

Love never fails.

Love never abuses.

Love never values you differently because you are a girl.

Love always hears your voice.

Love drives in to Manila the moment you call.

Loves says your Home is always your Home.


Scarlet O'Kara said...


michelle said...


thank you.

Traci Babcock said...

What an epic tale.
This is wonderful and breath-taking all at the same time.

Thanks for the update.

In love

Sally Rymer said...

That is so beautiful. This is what love looks like.

Elizabeth Trojanowski said...

Sending prayers to all the brave survivors in the safehomes, the staff, and to those who are still suffering from modern-day slavery. The chains break as love comforts, creates new beginnings, dreams and homes.


NewYorkEyes said...

you guys just know how to make me smile. (: