Thursday, June 18, 2009

Road Trip.

Love146 was invited by the Fray to participate in the EcoVillage on their tour this summer. As an office full of hipsters, we were thrilled receive such a high profile invite; and as the new office intern, I was shocked and highly graced to be chosen to attend the first concert just outside of Washington D.C.

I set out with Anastasia at 6AM to make the journey. In addition to raising awareness about Love146 at the venue, this trip was also a pilgrimage for Anastasia and I to find a Chick-Fil-A, a fast food restaurant which we bonded over our devotion to. There are no Chick-Fil-As in the tri-state area. None. It really hurts.

At 9:30 we stopped to refuel at a service station. Distracted by Starbucks coffee and lots of big trucks, we actually neglected our very thirsty car and hit the highway again, pleased and relieved with our lattes. Not twenty minutes later, I hear Anastasia say, "Somethings wrong with this car! It's not working!" Sitting on the side of the Jersey Turnpike waiting for AAA for two hours, we watched the minutes tick, realizing with self-loathing and fury that we we're going to miss our lunch at Chick-Fil-A, still a hundred miles away.

At one point, I wailed, "Where is Chick Fil A!!??? We called them an hour ago!!!!"
"Do you mean Triple A?" "...Oh. I guess so."

When we finally arrived, after a dash for chicken sandwiches, our next task was to find a hotel. We saw a cluster of blue directional signs. Figuring the blue "H" sign must mean Hotel, we followed it and ended up at a Hospital. It was quite an adventure, I haven't laughed so much in months.
It did end up being an awesome experience. When we arrived at the concert, our brains were waiting for us, we did quite well and had some amazing conversations about abolition.
But when it comes to a road trip with Anastasia and I, all I can say is:
"Everyone knows we're in over our heads, over our heads."

Much love Abolitionists,
The Intern
(aka Marilyn)


eachic said...

fun stuff there!thx 4 sharing1

YOUR humble daughter said...

I wasn't sure about the best way to get in touch with Love146, but I figured this might work. There was an article in Parade Magazine about a woman named Somaly Mam who was a victim of sex slavery as a child, and now runs an organization that rescues children from brothels in Cambodia. I thought you might be interested so I wanted to share it.

Here is the link to the article:

God Bless,

Love146 said...

Thanks so much Jen. I admire Somaly Mam deeply and had the privilege of hearing her speak at the UN a couple of years ago. We love hearing about abolitionists all over the world. If you ever want to get in touch with us, feel free to email us at: info@love146.org or you can email me personally at: d.rodgers@love146.org We also love it when you leave comments!
Thanks again,